We offer

We Offer

We Offer the services for swimmers and water polo players in Limassol (Cyprus) on the Mediterranean Sea, in a mild, sunny climate, in the open 50-meter pool.

Main services (included in the price).

  1. Meeting at the airport. Shuttle service.
  2. 3 and 4 local settlement in the hotel (one bedroom apartment). The hotel is located in a 2-minute walk from the beach, 5 minutes from the pool. Near supermarket, cafe, bakery, wine boutique, travel agency, airport ticket office. The hotel has a pool and a children’s «splash» pool. Possibilities of the Euro-breakfast.
  3. Organisation of training process 1-2 times a day in the 50-meter outdoor swimming pool, 8 lanes (near the 25-yard pool, 4 tracks). Time of training specified in advance. Sunday — closed.
  4. Equipment for swimming available on site.
  5. Near beach, the possibility of training in open water.
  6. At the disposal team can get a car for the entire period of stay. GPS Navigation in the car.
  7. Preview local real estate. Consultation. Seminars.

Cost of the aforesaid package.

Prices for winter season per person:

  • Up to 10 persons for 10 days € 34* / per day;
  • Up to 10 persons for 15 days € 32* / per day;
  • Up to 15 persons for 10 days € 32* / per day;
  • Up to 15 persons for 15 days € 30* / per day.

*Prices are up to April 1, 2012.

Prices for summer season per person:

For groups of 10 to 15 people:

  • Double settlement + swimming pool € 34* /per day without meal;
  • Double settlement + swimming pool € 47* /per day+ meals (lunch and dinner);
  • Double settlement + swimming pool € 49* /per day+ meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner.)
  • Triple settlement + swimming pool € 29* /per day without meal;
  • Triple settlement + swimming pool € 41* /per day + meals (lunch and dinner);
  • Triple settlement + swimming pool € 43* /per day +meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner.)
  • Four-settlement +  swimming pool € 25* /per day without meal;
  • Four-settlement +  swimming pool € 37* /per day + meals (lunch and dinner);
  • Four-settlement +  swimming pool € 39* /per day + meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner.)

*Prices are for season from 01.04.2012 to 01.10.2012.


Other conditions are discussed individually.

If you want to consider a more expensive and more comfortable options for settlement and service, write us about your wishes. We will do everything to successfully combine your training process with the rest.


Other services (additional charges).

  1. Meals at the Hotel restaurant: Breakfast — 5 Euro, lunch- 9 euros, dinner — 6 euros.
  2. Local operator sim card, provided at airport (If necessary temporary Mobile phone).
  3. Car rental from 30 euros per day.
  4. Excursions (visit to Kykkos monastery, the opportunity to stay in the cells) and many others. (also for childrens)
  5. Tour on a yacht. Fishing (tuna, octopus, squid).
  6. Trap shooting.
  7. Organization of shopping.
  8. Visit to local restaurants.