Suggest you spend training camps for sports teams in various sports: swimming, water polo, diving, football, athletic. Trainings held in Limassol, Cyprus. It is situated on Mediterranean Sea in the warm, sunny climate conditions.

                                                   MAIN SERVICES (INCLUDED IN PACKAGE)

  1. 1 -, 2 -, 3-and 4- persons accommodation in a hotel (two- room apartments or double rooms, there is an option: one- room apartment accommodation for 2-3 people). One of the suggested hotels is located in 2 minutes walk from the sea, 5 minutes from the pool. Next to a supermarket, a cafe, a pastry shop, gym, Russian grocery store, travel agencies, flight box office. The hotel has a swimming pool and child-friendly pool, Billiards, indoor courtyard. Opportunities Continental Breakfast
  2. Three balanced meals per day
  3. Organization of the training process 1-2 times a day in the 50-metre outdoor pool, 8 tracks (near 25 yards pool, 4 tracks). Training is stipulated in advance.
  4. Drinking mode
  5. Close to the beach and the opportunity to exercise in the open water.

                                             ADDITIONAL SERVICES (NOT INCLUDED IN PACKAGE)


1. Meeting at the airport and transfer

2. Gym

3. Playground for General physical training

4. Sauna

5. Uniform laundry

6.  Guided tours

Cyprus does not accidentally attracts, millions of tourists from different countries of the world. Hot sun, the blue sky and clean beaches – these criteria defined for many people choose where to rest and Cyprus, undoubtedly, is a champion among many!

Island visitors say that if there is a better place to stay, this is, of course, Cyprus. Sun-drenched sandy beaches and azure sea are replaced by the mountain ranges, covered with virgin woods; citrus trees and banana plantations alternate with olive groves and vineyards. Not coincidentally, on the island emerged from the sea foam patron of lovers, the goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite.

Compared with the other Mediterranean countries, the warm sea and the longest summer swimming season on the island, lasts from late April to November and spring begins in February. Average temperature in January is + 10-15°С, in July + 25-30°С, rainfall is 300-1300 mm per year.

The island’s climate is subtropical Mediterranean, with hot summers and mild winters. The climate of Cyprus is considered to be the healthiest in the world. In Cyprus 340 of 365 days in a year solar!

The Greek Cypriots are friendly, hospitable people. There are two official languages: English and Greek. Due to the widespread popularity of this place among tourists, many local residents know Russian, German and French.

Pictures of the city of Limassol


HOTEL «Park Beach»

Hotel «Park Beach» is located in the tourist area of Limassol, in a eucalyptus grove Park Dassudi and has direct access to the sea. Near the hotel, in the same Park Dassudi is an Olympic swimming pool. In five minutes of walking from hotel there is a cafe «Pizza Hut», where you can quickly and inexpensive snack. Food stores, souvenirs, soft drinks and other necessary goods are also on the right and left sides from the hotel.  There is a bus number 30, which gets to the city center, where you can see the historical part of Limassol, to walk on the streets of the old town and visit the Limassol castle.

The hotel has 110 rooms. In the hotel there is a large outdoor swimming pool, in which visiting time ……….. Also the hotel has a gym, which you can visit without any time limitations. In the evening you can sit in the cozy bar or take a stroll by the sea.  Have a pleasant rest!


* from mid-November to mid-March this hotel is closed

HOTEL «Jasmin»

This elegant  apartment  complex «Jasmine», located in the tourist area of Limassol, right in the heart of orange groves. Surrounded by its own gardens and located only 200 meters from the beautiful sandy beach. The hotel is in the center of tourist area of Limassol, in the popular tourist area of eucalyptus Park Dassudi, in three minutes of walking from the main tourist street. Nearby is the large grocery store «Pappas», and at the tourist street a large number of stalls offering a variety of souvenirs.


The hotel features cozy rooms with kitchen for 2-and 4 people. All rooms are spacious and furnished; they are equipped with air conditioning and heating. The complex has a large outdoor pool and children’s pool. There is a sauna, which you can visit at any convenient time for a small surcharge. Gym is not far from the hotel, which also can be used for an additional fee. Cozy atmosphere and service will make your staying in the hotel «Jasmine» pleasant as the guests Limassol!

Using this hotel you may choose meals from the restaurant of our company. Familiarize yourself with the restaurant’s menu is available at this link.

HOTEL «Estella»

Hotel «Estella» is near the main tourist street of Limassol, within a 10-minute walk from the sea and offers cozy 2-bedded rooms, in which you may place an additional bed. Rooms also have a small kitchenette. In the lobby bar you can enjoy free Internet and drinks according to your desire. You can also use the sauna and a massage room. On the street there are 2 open pools for children and adults. There is «Sigma» shop five minutes from the hotel, where you can buy a variety of Cypriot sweets,  «Plus» supermarket on the touristy street, as well as a large number of souvenir shops. Along the beach is the eucalyptus Park Dassudi, at the beginning of which is Olympic swimming pool. The way to the pool takes about 10 minutes walk from the hotel. Good location, excellent service and friendly staff make the holidays in the hotel «Estella» a cozy and pleasant. Have a good holiday!


Using this hotel you may choose meals from the restaurant of our company. Familiarize yourself with the restaurant’s menu is available at this link.



The city of Limassol outdoor 50-meter swimming pool located by Mediterranean Sea, near eucalyptus Park Dassudi, in the basin are 8 tracks (near is located 25 yards pool, 4 tracks)


Show the location of the pool on the map on this link



4 people placement in two room apartment + three meals + two training sessions a day for 2 hours – from 40-45 euros person/day


The basis for booking of the hotel and the pool is advance of 30% of the total price.




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